The Antuzzi family’s long, successful construction history in Santa Clara Valley dates back as early as the turn of the century. The story began when an immigrant named Antonio Antuzzi came to America from Italy, settling in San Jose around 1910. Upon his arrival, Antonio found a passion for landscaping and gardening. After several years of honing his skills he eventually started his own business. Although never becoming a large contractor, Antonio made an honest living providing a good life for his family and epitomizing the “American Dream.” Along the way he developed quite a portfolio landscaping countless projects in the area including laying the first sod at San Jose’s historic Rose Garden.

The story continued in the late 1940’s while upon returning home after honorably serving his country in WWII, Antonio’s eldest son, Joseph A. Antuzzi Sr., founded Antuzzi Bros. along with his younger brother, Carl. Over the next several years the brothers transitioned their business from solely landscaping to concrete construction as well.

First Antuzzi tractor

In the early 1960’s Carl stepped away from the business to pursue other ventures and Joe continued to grow the business into one of the premier concrete construction companies in San Jose. Along the way Joe taught all three of his sons the concrete trade and all the boys eventually carried on the family tradition. In 1976 after enjoying a successful career Joseph Antuzzi Sr. retired, turning the reigns over to his two eldest sons Ronald and Joseph Antuzzi Jr., and the company continued to prosper for the next decade. In 1984 Joseph A. Antuzzi Jr. sold his interest in Antuzzi bros. to start his own business J.A. Antuzzi Concrete Co., Inc.

J.A. Antuzzi Sr.

Over the next several decades, under Joe Jr.’s watchful eye, the business continued to prosper. In The mid 2000’s Joe Jr.’s son, Joseph F. Antuzzi, took over the day to day operations and continues to successfully run the business today along with its affiliate company Antuzzi Concrete Designs, Inc.

Constantly serving the valley’s ever changing needs our projects ranged from pouring concrete in the numerous canneries of “the Valley of Hearts Delight” to the modern tech campuses of “Silicon Valley.” We at Antuzzi concrete take pride in the fact that we have continued to provide quality service and work to our customers for three generations spanning over 60 years!

Four generations of Antuzzis